About US​

Three Kim Sdn Bhd  (1094935-V) has been specializing in the fabrication and erection of Mild Steel Grille with Powder Coated, Fully Aluminium Gate, Wrought Iron Works, Iron Gates & Iron Works, Stainless Steel Works, Polycarbonate Awning, Pergola Skylight & Auto Gate System and other miscellaneous metals for over 11 years. Our quality steel work is custom designed to meet our customers’ specific needs. Our workforce is skilled in their crafts and thrives in providing a complete product and presenting the attention needed to each customer.

Since 2008, Three Kim Sdn Bhd has taken satisfaction in providing each customer with superior products and quality craftsmanship. We understand that each project and customer has specific demands, so our organization takes great pride in our workmanship and welcomes the challenges our customers give us, both large and small. Our customers know they can count on us to build what they need, how they want it and when they need it.

At Three Kim Sdn Bhd, we work primarily with steel, stainless steel, glass and aluminium to construct our clients’ projects. Our extensive knowledge of these materials allows us to work with each client and architect to determine which metal will bring their vision to life. We pride ourselves in our custom jobs and your priority is our priority. We have created high function steel structure for home and office use. Whether your need current need emphasizes form or function, if YOU can dream it, We Can build it!